Vodcaine website

Vodcaine home page
Vodcaine is a new product from Pearl Jack Laboratories: edible pearls of flavored alcohol. We created a website for Vodcaine, that while simple-looking, is ready to expand and change as the market develops. Pearljack.com runs on Drupal and is ready for the addition of social media, a blog, and a second language (German).


  • Photoshop
  • Drupal

Project Type

  • Website


  • Wine - Spirits
Vodcaine bouncer
We also put a custom age-checker in place that goes the extra mile in that it works without Javascript. Even those who disable scripts will encounter Vodcaine’s “bouncer”.
Vodcaine city and image work
Vodcaine already had a marketing plan that included a logo, packaging, colors and brand strategy. We provided several designs exploring its urban nightlife theme, and when the website design was approved, we created the dramatic cityscape background and did image work to make their product photos work in our night-time world.